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0 Comments | Mar 01, 2021

Where Does the Sun Go at Night?

Does life have to stop because our half of the earth is dark?

Don DeLillo (White Noise)


sunset-d863fdd4I imagine that, like all of us,

it needs a break now and then.

It’s a big job, after all,

lighting and warming us all,

growing the veggies and flowers.

And with a family of nine

to look after, not to mention

two hundred-fourteen grandkids.

It’s a lot.

So I don’t begrudge the sun

its respite.

It is a thoughtful guardian,

leaving behind in its absence

a soothing nightlight

and a promise of return

the same time each morning.

I do, though, hope

that it’s not all work and sleep.

I hope that once the working day is done

it goes out at least once in a while

to grab a drink with friends,

maybe take in a movie.

It’s important to mix it up

from time to time,

let off some steam,

steel yourself for the day to come.



March 1, 2021

Brian Kenneth Swain

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