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0 Comments | May 02, 2019

Counting the Drops in a Waterfall

waterfall-photography131So, this title has been sitting on my desk

for about eight years now,

and I still haven’t yet come up with a poem

to go with it.


It’s just that I was really taken

with the image

and I thought, well I’ll write it down

so I don’t forget, and I’ll use it later.


I don’t even recall what inspired the image.

Probably a line from a novel,

or maybe somebody else’s poem.


Because that’s how this poetry thing works.

We take ideas from other peoples’

stories, poems, paintings, films,

and we try best we can

to make them our own.

But sometimes, like in this case,

we never do manage to come up with

a poem worthy of the original image.

Which is okay too.


Life is, after all, really just

a series of images.

So there’s nothing wrong

with having one more,

even if I never do anything with it.


May 1, 2019

Brian Kenneth Swain

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