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0 Comments | Mar 02, 2013

Poem for POETRY

To ascend

that vertiginous spire

will demand of me

a piece

rarified and orotund.


of content.


in structure.

Roiling with


Seething with


A normal poem,

first dissected

into its constituent



in a blender.

The whole slushy mess

Then flung out

onto the lawn

and run over

a few passes

with the mower.

The tattered remnants

piled together

and set alight,

the ashes drifting

upward on the breeze

Until the charred fragments

float down about me,

and I vacuum them up,

empty the dust bag

into an envelope

and mail it off.

The resulting poem

so damned good

it brings tears

to their eyes

and they spare

no expense

seeking me out,

if only to learn

what other-worldly muse

allowed such a thing

to descend from on high

and dwell among mere men.

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