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2 Comments | Mar 15, 2011

World Hunger – 3.15.11

Ant_SEMI’ve had a wonderful time interacting with the students of John Damaso’s Honors English class at Brophy Prep in Phoenix, AZ. There are about 100 students in 4 classes, and they have spent the past month reading and studying World Hunger as part of their project on human dignity and world food supplies. I’ve had an opportunity to answer numerous questions on this site, as well as participate in a series of Skype video-conferences with the classes, during which we discussed aspects of the novel, as well as broader GM issues and the writing/publishing fields. I thank the class for their time and energy and look forward to many more such opportunities in the coming days.


Gabe 2:07 am - 22nd March:

We all appreciated how much time and effort you put into answering all of our questions and reviewing our comments, Mr. Swain. Thanks again!

BKS 10:07 am - 22nd March:



It’s been an awesome experience and I still look forward to having a look at the essays that everyone is doing. I hope students will tell their friends (Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.) about the book and the overall experience, and will keep the dialogue going about the world’s food supply. It’s an important topic and one worthy of much more thought and debate.


Thanks for being part of it!



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