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0 Comments | May 07, 2021


ClocksGod says we will spend eternity
reaping the rewards of our life.
That could be a problem.

Only then the astronomer
says that time began
at the start of the universe,
and will inexorably end
with the universe’s demise.
So that there’s no such thing as eternity.
God bless astronomers.

And then one day,
to muddy things up a bit more,
Einstein tells us that time itself
is nothing but an illusion.
So why all the fuss about eternity anyway?

All of which leaves us
pondering just what to believe.
No time.
No eternity.
No nothing.
They have a word for that.
Something ism.
Damn it.
I’ll be forever
remembering that.
April 27, 2021

Brian Kenneth Swain

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