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0 Comments | Jan 29, 2021

Ending in Need of a Poem

Hey, I think

that was our turn back there.


This line has languished

in the unseen recesses

of my poetry working folder

for over a decade.

It does not want for company

in that literary hospice.

Yet I cannot but feel

the cold resentment

of a fragment of potential

as it wastes away,

unfulfilled, unloved.

I keep it around

because of a promise

I made through the simple act

of noting the line

in the first place,

writing it down,

giving it its own document,

with a name and a date.

I take it out every few months

to stare at the words,

and they back at me,

neither of us certain

how this will all end.

Only then, it’s back into the folder,

perhaps to couple inadvertently

with another unused phrase

or idea, but probably

doomed to just linger there

in the darkness,

desperate for purpose,

longing for life.


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