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0 Comments | Mar 01, 2019

What Some Hearts Need

51064695_737923016591881_5580714624195493888_nToday is like all the others,

gray like a barren winter sea,

the sun a pale and heartless orb.

And it’s on days like this,

that I feel certain my journey

is nearing its end.


Only now I see, as I look out

to the distant horizon,

a whirlwind of outlandish color,

trick of the light perhaps,

but no less real.


And in that moment I hear

a note ring out, then another,

and before long a melody

that seems to reflect perfectly

from off the colors.


And I feel my senses inundated,

My fears dissipated like morning fog,

an effect so complete that no space

remains for those thoughts

of a journey’s end

or of some hopeless cruel travail.


I just stand and take it in,

mesmerized in that unexpected instant,

marveling at the colors,

dancing with the melody.


And for that one moment,

it is more than enough.




February 28, 2019

Brian Kenneth Swain

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