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0 Comments | Apr 15, 2017

Two Roses

featured-rose-bushI planted two roses this evening,

and they seem content enough

with their places in the garden.

Out of sight of one another,

so no cause for jealousy.

Each free to do its level best,

to reign supreme

among humble hydrangea

and pedestrian plumbago.


When spring at last returns,

each will throw itself skyward

in search of accolade,

insecure in the absence of blossom,

uncertain of its place.


Until there comes a day

both roses reach a height

where each comes in sight

of the other,

and in that moment

there will ensue a febrile rush,

to be first—taller, brighter,

more fragrant than the other.


Only we do not know their souls,

their foibles and insecurities.

We see only the outcome,

the wondrous outburst

born of envy and avarice,

but manifest in the very symbol

of love eternal.

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