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0 Comments | Dec 01, 2009


Click Here to read the review of World Hunger by The Times Record

“World Hunger is an amazing story of “what-if” as it pertains to genetically modified food. The author really takes you on a scary journey from seed development to the crop fields. Trust me, you’ll never look at an ant quite the same again! A terrific read!”

“Like the film “28 Days Later,” this book terrifies with the thought that the opening chapters could be happening right now, somewhere in the world. Fast-paced and grounded in real science, Swain’s book is hard to put down, and you’ll want to give it a second read when you’re finished.”

“World Hunger is an excellent thriller which is hard to put down after you get into it. This novel deals with subject matter that could actually be a reality in this world. My fear of insects makes it even more awesome that I could enjoy this book…. but I did! Every serious reader should have this book in their library.”

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