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0 Comments | Feb 15, 2010

OTD Log – 2.14.10

Spent best part of past few days reading in Homza and Kedourie anthologies (raw docs and essays respectively) with much good new material found re. the inquisition.  I have already begun working original source docs into the manuscript, including testimony from interrogations, verdicts, etc. Much more of this sort of thing as I proceed. Once we get into the Columbus bit of the story, the same will occur except using his log entries, correspondence with the queen, etc.  All is properly sourced, though I don’t know the exact rules concerning use of lengthy quotes from other essays and source docs, especially when the docs are >500 years old. Still drafting Chapter 1, the interrogation of Lope Triana, Rodrigo’s uncle and a converso organizer, though Morillo isn’t yet aware of this fact.  I have made Lope quite defiant during this session – wondering how credible given terror of inquisition.

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