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0 Comments | Oct 23, 2020

The Web

Forest BurningThe natural world

goes about its business

in ways that humankind,

with its boundless lack of wisdom,

struggles to even label,

much less comprehend.


Through the centuries

we have used words like

organismic, systemic, holistic,

even vitalistic.

All attempts to capture

the very simple idea,

that everything exists

in an endlessly interconnected

web of life.

Every tree, flower, blade of grass

animal, human being, and

the very water and air itself,

all joined in one rapturous

orgy of interdependency.


So that when one strand

of the web fails,

we all feel the blow,

suffer the injury.

And yet we still cut and burn

and drill and consume, as though

the future is the concern of others.

Which of course it is.

Others who aren’t here yet

to cry out at our insanity,

our callous indifference,

our contempt for that

which sustains and nourishes us.


But the future is waiting.

It’s out there,

just around the next bend.


Waiting, wondering

what we’ll leave behind.


October 21, 2020

Brian Kenneth Swain



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