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0 Comments | Nov 06, 2016

The Moon is Dead

why-do-we-always-see-the-same-side-of-the-moon_e04f8a75-74ba-4476-85a1-efd7c1d7a657Everyone says so.

Just a lifeless floating orphan,

adrift on gravity’s tide,

clad in gray regolith dust,

barren and bereft.


And yet we keep looking.

Staring intently across the centuries,

as though there may yet be

something poised there,

waiting to surprise and excite

the senses, perhaps offer hope

in a place where there can be none.


The light, they say,

is a mirage, an illusion

stolen from another,

nothing but a reflection

of what we imagine we see,

a harsh and cold chimera

ripped from us eons ago,

thrust away, only never quite gone,

always circling circling,

gazing down in envy,

or perhaps pity,

at what we have become.

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