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0 Comments | Dec 11, 2015

Found Poem

nonameand not a moment too soon,

let me tell you.

The trenchant and tremulous

words and images

that gave so freely of themselves

to be a part of this poem

had all begun

to give up hope,

locked away for so long,

festering, growing old

in the bottom of some dark dank drawer,

wedged in between

the poet’s 1986 federal tax return

and the paperwork that came

with that Gremlin he thought

was such a great idea.


It is a glorious thing

to at long last bask

in the sunshine of relevance,

to be read, heard,

debated, discussed.

Even to be hated and vilified

is to at least be regarded

as something worthy of opinion.

And, really, that’s all any poem asks.


Read me, hear me,

consider me,

give me my due.

Judge me if you must.

But please don’t

hide me away.


Let me out.

Let me breath.

Let me sing.

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