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0 Comments | Jun 28, 2013

Advice Concerning the Selection of Certain Poetic Topics

imagesMight there be, the neophyte asks,
certain topics that fall outside
the purview of the poet?
Those which are,
to put it plainly,
off limits or regarded perhaps,
as being in such poor taste
as to be eschewed at all cost?

Well, the poet responds,
momentarily pondering,
it seems life and death,
love and loss,
these are really the big four,
and, as such, fair game for all.
As for me, I would steer clear
of anything involving
smelly cheeses
or animals with scales.
Avoid, as well, all allusions
to reality television
or anything that takes place
in the northernmost counties
of Wisconsin.

But for these,
the sage opined,
all else is at your disposal,
just so long as you
come to your desk and your pen
pure of heart
and with clarity of purpose…

And you remember always
to wear clean underwear.

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