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0 Comments | Feb 20, 2010

OTD – Log 2.19.10

Posted for the first time today the cast, glossary and bibliography on the web site for others to review. I also began getting some decent traction in Chapter 2, in which we begin to deal with Lope’s grief over Catalina’s conviction and impending execution. I remain undecided on whether or not to oblige Lope to attend this execution. Doubtless the officials of the inquisition would have required this of anyone who had been reconciled to the church, as a sign of their penitence, etc. Still, to have to watch your spouse burned at the stake? A bit much….

This chapter is where we will begin to get to know know Rodrigo better, important as he is our main character in this story once things get rolling in earnest. He will have his fourteenth birthday in this chapter and will be given by his father the falcon that will accompany him through the rest of the story including his time on Columbus’s crew. Indeed the falcon will play a pivotal part in certain historical events such as the first sighting of land, etc. Rodrigo of course is credited in history with having actually been the first to sight land in the New World, though Columbus would later rook him out of the promised money (Isabella had promised a reward–a significant pension–for whoever first spotted land).  The addition of the peregrine falcon Ain Fir allows us to elaborate on some of the heretofore sketchy historical details, as well as dabble in a bit of magical realism, something I’ve never tried before, but which I think could add nicely to this story,  so long as it isn’t overdone.

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