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0 Comments | Jan 31, 2010

Sunday, Cold, Somewhat Productive

Spent much of today outside in the coolness, which is wonderful, considering this is Houston. Worked at replacing my perfectly good driveway fence which the idiots at the homeowner’s association, in their unending power, deemed too pleasant-looking (i.e. stained). I find myself a bit conflicted about the whole thing though, for while it would be easy to simply let it all be about annoyance and superiority, it is true as well that I enjoy any projects that require working with wood, besides which the cedar smells nice. Of course the whole exercise will end up costing me $200-$300, so that part of it takes me right back to the annoyance.

Anyway, darkness has come again (funny how it does that about the same time each day), so I will get back to trying to make a bit of progress on OTD.

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