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0 Comments | Jun 09, 2021

The Mark of Cain

shepherd-sheep-ftr-1024x585Am I my brother’s keeper?

Well, let’s have a think about that.

Yeah, so we had a disagreement.

But how are we supposed

to sort things like that out?

It’s not as if any rules

have been handed down,

or voted on, or whatever.

After all, it’s still pretty

early days for humanity,

what with there being

just the four of us at this point.

And so, I suppose you could argue

that I killed a quarter of humanity.

But it’s not like we have any

laws or government yet.

Hell, we won’t even have

ten commandments to go by

until Deuteronomy or whatever.

Where are the guardrails, you know?

You run around handing out free will

and then get pissed when people use it.

What’s that about?


So what’s a guy to do?

Did I overreact? Okay, maybe.

But that Abel was always

just pushing my buttons, you know.

So much better than me

just because he had a few sheep.

And don’t even get me started

on the whole role model thing,

what with mom and pop getting our asses

thrown out of the garden.

Seriously, what did you expect?

Anybody who takes their advice from a snake

has no business lecturing me.


June 5, 2021

Brian Kenneth Swain


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