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0 Comments | May 25, 2017


light_at_the_end_of_the_tunnel_by_wick5terIt is months, brother.

Months we’ve been at this.

Nigh on a year even.

And are we any closer?

We have searched

every nook, every dark corner,

only there’s no way out.


Indeed, brother, the search

is long, arduous, and yet

even now there appears

in the distance a pure white light

that may be our salvation.

Lead on, brother

and I shall be fast behind.

For have I ever left your side

throughout our long travail?


Push on. We shall yet be free.

Only, Jesus, the light it blinds.

And the hands that draw us

from the darkness, while oh so cold,

seem also to welcome and nurture,

as though searching, brother,

searching for us all along.

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